This Ain't California (2012)

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This Ain't California
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Full Free Watch This Ain't California (2012) : Online Movie A retrospective look at the youth cultures born in the German Democratic Republic. A celebration of the lust for life, a contemporary trip into the world of skate, a tale on three heroes and their boards, from their childhood in the seventies, through their teenage rebellion in the eighties and the summer of 1989, when their life changed forever, to 2011.

Release Date:Aug 15, 2012
Genres:, ,
Production Company:Wildfremd Production, ARTE, MDR, RBB
Production Countries:Germany
Casts:Kai Hillebrand, David Nathan, Alexander Fabian Langlotz, Tina Bartel, Nora Decker, Gotti Gottschild, Lea Wolfram, Titus Dittmann, Erich Honecker, Katarina Witt, Luděk Váša
Plot Keywords:berlin wall, skateboarding, 1970s, german democratic republic, extreme sports, male friendship, mockumentary, 1980s, 21st century, 1990s, political repression, german history, soviet union history, 2000s, semi-fiction, 2010s

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