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Watch Mosquito (1995) : Full Length Movies An alien starship crashes in a swamp in a U.S. National Park. Some mosquitos begin to feed from the alien's corpses, causing them to grow to the size of a vulture. These mutant insects became very agressive, killing every human being they find. Will the few survivors fight successfully against this nightmare...?

Release Date:Jan 27, 1995
Production Company:Acme Films Ltd., Antibes Inc., Excalibur Motion Pictures
Production Countries:United States of America
Casts:Gunnar Hansen, Ron Asheton, Steve Dixon, Rachel Loiselle, Tim Lovelace, Mike Hard, Kenny Mugwump, Josh Becker, Margaret Gomoll, John Reneaud, Joel Hale
Plot Keywords:giant insect, mosquito, chainsaw, animal horror

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