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Watch Free Enemy Mine (1985) : Summary Movies A soldier from Earth crashlands on an alien world after sustaining battle damage. Eventually he encounters another survivor, but from the enemy species he was fighting; they band together to survive on this hostile world. In the end the human finds himself caring for his enemy in a completely unexpected way.

Release Date:Dec 12, 1985
Production Company:Bavaria Film, SLM Production Group, Kings Road Entertainment, 20th Century Fox
Production Countries:United States of America
Casts:Dennis Quaid, Louis Gossett Jr., Brion James, Richard Marcus, Carolyn McCormick, Lance Kerwin, Bumper Robinson, Jim Mapp, Scott Kraft, Lou Michaels, Andy Geer
Plot Keywords:narration, slavery, space battle, future, complicated birth, survivor, friendship, war, stranded, space, alien, racism, planet, slave, reptilian, severed ear, man eating monster, pepsi

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